Teforia Review: A Tea Brewing Robot for the Home

I have always loved it when the perfect cup of tea comes together– that sweet spot where the temperature, flavour, and quality of the tea is just right. When you make tea yourself, you’ll find this sometimes happens but it often doesn’t. I recently discovered the Teforia – an infuser designed to help you get to this sweet spot every single time you make a cup. So does it work? Does your tea always taste wonderful with this infuser? Check out my Teforia review right here.

What is Teforia?

Teforia is a personal tea making machine that is used to prepare loose leaf tea therefore giving its user a unique brewing experience. It works with any blend of tea leaves to deliver what it believes is the optimal flavor from the over 200 chemical compounds making up each type of tea.

It’s certainly one for the tech enthusiasts out there. The machine features plenty of high-tech hardware and capabilities including Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and a mobile companion app. Teforia is fully automated, and will even scan RFID tags of its tea packs to get precise brewing directions.

This intelligent infuser reads each tea package and brews it automatically based on optimal infusion temperature, steeping time, tea varietal, ratio of water to tea leaves, and the number of infusions. Teforia achieves this using the Proprietary Selective Infusion Profile System (SIPS™), which combines advanced machine learning technology with the ancient tea making knowledge of tea masters.

Take a closer look here:

Put simply, Teforia automatically brews a great cup of tea so you can feel the true character of every blend, plus the depth of flavor and purity. To complement the infuser, Teforia stocks a collection of teas from all over the world, grown in regions free from pollution and pesticides.

What are the Advantages of Teforia?

Teforia is easy to use since it automatically calculates what is needed to brew a perfect cup of tea. It also gives you the chance to experiment with your favorite flavors thereby coming up with an exotic taste for your tea. Additionally, there are many health benefits that come with brewing fresh tea instead of using the tea bags.

Who Should Use Teforia?

Simple! Anyone who prefers loose leaf tea over tea bags. This machine is so easy to use since it knows the exact time, temperature and water needed to brew a perfect cup of tea. I found it really easy to use and it certainly took the guesswork out of brewing tea, so it would be ideal for someone new to using loose leaf blends.

What are the Pros of Using Teforia?

  • It’s very compact to save on space.
  • Teforia keeps your tea hot since it has an inbuilt flask-like device for that purpose.
  • Teforia knows the best times and temperatures for tea brewing; these have been developed alongside professionals. You can also brew tea with blends that may be new to the machine. A companion app will ask you a few real simple questions like what color it is to try and understand your recipe and there attempt its best brew.
  • Teforia actually fills its chamber with water, sets water temperature and agitates the leaves with air so that means you don’t have to do a lot of work.
  • The machine allows you to share your new brewing recipes with the large network of Teforia users.
  • This machine has iOS and android apps that provide wireless connectivity with your smartphone. This also allows you to personalize your preferred tea recipe and then program it as your favorite for easily repeatable results.
  • It’s also very easy to clean.
  • Moreover, its beautiful design gives you a spectacular view of the tea as it steeps.

What are the Cons of Teforia?

  • Being new to the market, it may take some people a little time to get used to the concept.
  • It is very expensive compared to traditional tea making equipment.

Are There Any Alternatives?

The Teforia infuser may be a great machine considering the fact that it has many features and it does not allow the leaves to escape, but it is expensive for someone on a budget.  I don’t know about you, but even the most ardent tea lovers in the world will probably struggle to happily spend around $1,500 on a tea infuser.

So I checked around and found out about the Breville BTM800XL one touch that goes for around $229.99 on Amazon – if you like, check out our review here. This electronic brewer is automatic and easy to use. It keeps the tea hot for 60 minutes. Its only disadvantage is that it allows some leaves to escape while brewing, unlike Teforia.

What’s My Conclusion?

Your tea will taste awesome every time you make it. Of course, sometimes it is lovely to just get to that sweet spot by chance, and it’s nice to experiment by making tea yourself. But if you’re looking for some automated help, the Teforia is a great option. But only if you can afford it!

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