Find Out More About the Sharp TE-T56U-GR Tea-Cere Matcha Tea Maker

Matcha, finely milled green tea powder, is undoubtedly the current darling of the tea world because of its beautifully distinct flavor. Thanks to its myriad health benefits, matcha has become popular among tea and coffee lovers alike. If you’re an avid matcha drinker, you’ll understand how laborious it is to make a cup of this drink, which is why I’m taking a look at an interesting matcha tea maker that promises to help you make delicious matcha tea in a matter of few minutes. Does it make a difference to your tea-drinking life? Check out the Sharp TE-T56U-GR Tea-Cere Matcha Tea Maker review and find out.

What Exactly is the Sharp TE-T56U-GR Tea-Cere Matcha Tea Maker?

I don’t know about you, but I’m finding it harder and harder to spend the time brewing the perfect cup of tea.  My lifestyle means I am out and about all the time, and doing all kinds of things at home, so sometimes I need equipment that helps me get the tea-brewing job done in as short amount of time as possible – and this is even more true of matcha tea.

The Sharp Tea-Cere Matcha Tea Maker is smartly engineered to make it easier for you to enjoy delicious, authentic Japanese matcha in only a few seconds.

This tea maker impressively eliminates all the hassles that are usually encountered in the labor-intensive job of preparing traditional Japanese matcha. It can automatically prepare up to four cups of tea without affecting the authentic taste of the matcha tea. It has a built-in ceramic grinder which is efficient for grinding tea leaves up to 20 microns.

You can use this tea maker to make both hot and cold beverages. In fact, it features two different settings for warm and hot drinks. The tea maker has a sleek and compact design so that it can be installed in a very limited space.

Take a look at this demonstration to find out more:

Who Would Love the Sharp TE-T56U-GR Tea-Cere Matcha Tea Maker?

More and more people are becoming health conscious and are looking for an alternative to their traditional tea and coffee (although regular tea remains pretty healthy, in my opinion). Matcha is one such alternative which has many health benefits. So, if you are one of those tea lovers who have taken to matcha after being fascinated with these benefits for your wellbeing, you could definitely put this tea maker to good use. This machine is designed to make you a matcha purist.

Matcha comes from the finely ground leaves of the Camellia Sinensis (tea) plant. But only a finely ground powder will taste delicious; otherwise you can end up drinking a bitter-tasting cup of matcha. If you want to attain a frothy, slightly sweet brew, you definitely need this Tea-Cere machine to get a fine powder.

What are the Benefits of the Sharp Tea-Cere Tea Maker?

The biggest advantage of this tea maker is the way it prepares matcha quickly and without any hassle. It comes with Tea-Cere brewer, one recipe book for drinks and desserts, one operation manual, a cheat sheet and a package of ITO EN Green Tea Tencha Leaf.

  • The machine beautifully grinds Tencha leaves into a fine powder and takes about 15 minutes to complete the grinding. It prepares enough powder for making four cups of matcha at a time.
  • It gives you a very frothy matcha by whisking the powder with the water.
  • You can also use this machine to brew a matcha latte if you heat milk in a separate container.
  • It has two different settings for brewing the water to the preferred warm or hot settings.
  • It is shipped in two different colors so you can pick the one that suits your kitchen’s interior.

Another point worth mentioning about this tea maker is that it helps ensure your rather expensive matcha tea does not go to waste.

What Else Do You Need to Know About the Sharp TE-T56U-GR Tea-Cere Matcha Tea Maker?

This machine can also be used to ground other tea as well as long as it is just a pure tea leaf. If you are looking for a non-matcha tea maker, however, there are other options such as the Breville and the Gourmia, which we took a look at elsewhere on the blog.

The teas which come with nuts or rice cannot be used with this product. One thing you have to remember is to only use high-quality leaves with this product.

No part of this machine is dishwasher safe so wash it by hand. Safely wash each and every piece of this machine whether it is a reservoir, lid, drip tray, or any other part. Because the entire water reservoir empties out, use enough water for the cup of tea that you are making.

Other than grinding Tencha tea leaves, you can also use this tea maker with powdered matcha.

What’s My Conclusion?

This tea maker is very handy if you love a good cup of matcha, and therefore the investment you make to buy it will be worth it. I do appreciate that the tea maker ensures you get an uninterrupted supply of matcha tea whenever you need it, and it turns brewing matcha tea into a simple process and not a cumbersome ordeal. It’s a good product for matcha lovers.

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