Gourmia GTC8000 Review: Contemporary Brews for Tea Enthusiasts

Everyone has their own way to enjoy tea. Personally, I like to have a nice hot cup of tea in my hand in the late afternoons. I am always on the look-out for ways that make it easy to enjoy this pleasure. So when I noticed Gourmia’s little electric tea maker, I was intrigued. It claims to bring state of the art technology into your kitchen, but does it actually help where you need it, in making an excellent cup of tea? Or does it simply look nice? Check out our Gourmia GTC8000 review for your tea-making needs.

Who Should Use the Gourmia GTC8000?

I do like Gourmia products and the company is currently providing us with some of the most innovative kitchen appliances in the industry. And it has definitely picked up a lot of followers with its recent release – the tea square loose leaf electric brewer which is a miniature version of a traditional tea kettle, except it’s automated.

It looks like something I would automatically gravitate to in the store, simply for its appearance alone. And the appliance is ideal for tea enthusiasts who love to travel the world, and for small households, because of its size.

It sits well beside my coffee machine, is easily portable and can still produce a cup of tea that’s full of flavors. If you’re in the practice of harvesting your own tea, Gourmia’s loose leaf electric brewer is a smart appliance for trying out new tea-making recipes.

What’s Different about the Gourmia GTC8000?

With so many different loose-leaf tea makers on the market, what makes this particular option stand out? For me, this is a great option for the small household because it allows you to brew tea to a high quality without having the need to monitor the steeping constantly.

Want to know more? Here are some of the best features:

Stylish Design

Let’s talk about the design first, as this is certainly the aspect of the product that most stands out, and it also allows this tea maker to hit the mark when it comes to actually producing the beverage. The tea is brewed in a glass and stainless steel chamber that protects natural flavors and prevents any kind of impurities from settling into the mix.

Once the tea has steeped in the chamber, it passes through a stainless steel strainer that filters the smallest particles through its fine pores. The intricate detailing of the tea machine gives it an elegant touch. And I find that it does work well at creating what it promises to deliver – a fine cup of tea. Which is, after all, what any tea enthusiast is looking for.

Automated Mechanism

This appliance basically whips out a cup of tea with just the touch of a button. You can say goodbye to confusing manuals, complex buttons and noisy churners. Gourmia’s electric tea maker utilizes iTEA Boil-To-Brew technology that automatically brews loose tea leaves, without constant monitoring, consistently for a set time frame.

Even better, the machine comes with safety features, that won’t allow the unit to operate if the carafe is detached. The user’s guide provides tips about special tea leaves, herbal tea recipes and authentic blends.

I found it easy to use, every time I picked it up. While I don’t mind spending time looking at instructions and fiddling around with settings, I know many people don’t have the time to do this and therefore the Gourmia GTC8000 is a good option.

How Does the Gourmia GTC8000 Work?

The electric tea maker is simply a plug-in unit so I set it up right next to my toaster. The unit has three brewing options – light, medium and strong. If you want your tea infused with a light, milky taste then the first option is an appropriate choice. Since I always prefer a strong blend, I brewed my tea using the third option.

Additionally there’s a refresh setting that basically hydrates the leaves before brewing. The appliance can heat up four cups of tea and the temperature is automatically programmed according to the quantity of water and number of tea leaves used.

The boil-to-brew technology functions on a simple practice – boil the tea leaves to extract fresh flavors from loose tea leaves. Once you select the refresh button, a certain quantity of water is released into the chamber. The water heats to the optimum degree of temperature and pours over the leaves that are present in the glass chamber. The heat is necessary for rinsing and steeping the leaves, before the infusion cycle sets in.

Once you have selected your brewing choice, the automated machine brews your tea to perfection. If you prefer coffee, this appliance can also brew a cup of steaming hot java. I didn’t test the coffee function since tea is my preference, but I suspect it would do a decent job.

Can I Get a Live Demonstration?

The Gourmia Square Loose Leaf tea brewer (model GTC8000) is a formidable tea maker, miniature in size and incredibly easy to setup. Here’s a YouTube video that should give you a brief idea about its performance in a regular household kitchen –

What are the Disadvantages?

The appliance is designed for brewing loose tea leaves and produces a smooth blend that has a luxuriant flavor. If you prefer quantity over quality then perhaps Gourmia’s electric tea maker will be a disappointment, since you can’t make great quantities at once. You could try the Breville model for an alternative if you’re looking for something a little bigger. The appliance is also a little expensive for many people’s budgets. It’s more of a treat than an essential.

Are There Any Alternatives?

The Breville One-Touch tea maker is a fitting alternative, but it is equally as hard on the wallet. This tea maker comes with a 60 minute keep-warm button, automated brewing and features a LCD timer that monitors freshness. While Gourmia’s square loose leaf tea brewer grants an excellent filter (a mesh with fine pores), Breville’s tea maker is a good comparison.

How Much Does It Cost?

The market retail price of the Gourmia GTC8000 is $149, however the product is also available on Amazon at a cheaper rate, approximately $100.

What are the Pros of the Gourmia GTC8000?

  • Avant-Garde Boil to Brew Technology
  • Sophisticated Design
  • Brews 4 cups of tea
  • Touch Control Panel
  • Water Level Indicator
  • Brisk Filter System
  • Glass and Stainless Construction
  • Hydration of Loose Tea Leaves
  • Can Also Brew Coffee

What are the Cons of the Gourmia GTC8000?

  • Slightly Expensive, though not as pricey as the Teforia
  • Thermal Insulation is Absent
  • Short Cord

What’s My Conclusion?

In conclusion, Gourmia’s electric square tea maker is perfect for culinary enthusiasts who love experimenting with flavors every now and then. It delivers bistro quality flavors and it also brews coffee. Gourmia’s Tea Square Loose Leaf Electric Brewer is an easy-to-use device, with a modernistic appeal.

The tea maker can steep any kind of tea and contains an excellent filter that can sieve the smallest tea particles (for Honeybush, Chamomile and Oolong, for example) to produce a smooth, rich blend. To sum it up, this tea maker provides class, quality and control in my kitchen.

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